Membership Add-on

The membership add-on allows you to limit access to pages and content on your website to certain members. DepositFix will take care of members' login, access levels, permissions, etc.

You may need to re-connect your HubSpot to allow CRM permissions. From Your DepositFix dashboard, go to settings > Connect HubSpot.

Setting up Your Membership Add-on

To set up your membership:

  1. From Settings > Membership > click on Activate Membership
  1. Fill in the details with Your company name, company website, and the page URL you want to show when access is denied (for logged-in users), and click Save.
      You can add multiple websites at the same time. Multiple websites need to be comma-separated and have the format (https://domain). You can also use a wildcard at the subdomain level.
  1. Your membership is now set up, and your embed code is generated.

To implement the code into your site, copy the code snippet and add in the <head> tag on your site pages. With most CRMs, you can go to Site Settings > custom code.


Example from Webflow


You can include a login pop-up to your pages by adding /#/login to the page URL (i.e., HTTPS:<>/#/login).


Now that your code is implemented and your site is ready, you can set access rules and manage membership levels.

Managing Access and Membership Levels

Implementing the code snippet into your site is the first step in setting up your Membership add-on. To lock content to certain members, you must create access rules and identify which user lists get access to which page(s).


To create access rules:

  1. Click on Create access rules.
  1. This will open up the access rules page to create unlimited access rules for different pages/sites.
  1. To create a new rule, click on Create New Access Rule.
  1. Fill in the information accordingly and select the CRM list that contains the authorized contacts information, the type of content, and the URL(s) or URL extensions of the pages you want to give them access to.
  1. Click on Save.

Now users will be asked to log in and only be given access to the specified pages in their access rules.

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