Payment Events

You can set enrollment triggers for your successful workflow using DepositFix timeline events inside HubSpot.


Inside your workflow, you'll find two types of DepositFix timeline events


DepositFix: New Order 

This event is is triggered only once when the payment form is submitted, and all payment information is synced to HubSpot. This is most suitable for sending initial payment notification emails or initiating enrollment.


DepositFix: Charge 

This event is triggered only for recurring payments or payments triggered directly from Stripe. This is most suitable for sending monthly receipts to subscribers or performing recurring payment-based actions.


DepositFix: Cancellation 

This event is triggered when a customer cancels their subscription, allowing you to run automation and workflows based on the cancellation event. This is particularly useful if you want to run some actions following a cancellation (i.e. send emails, unsubscribe from a list, update properties, etc).

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