Connecting Your Stripe Account

To add your Stripe account as a payment gateway, from Settings, go to Payment Gateways and click on + Add New Gateway

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Select Stripe

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You can then connect your existing account or create a new one.

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Creating a New Stripe Account

If you want to accept credit and debit card payments through Stripe, you must have a Stripe account; if you don't have a Stripe account, follow the steps below to create one.

  1. Go to, fill out the information, and click on Create your Stripe account.
  1. Stripe will send a confirmation email. Check your inbox and click on Confirm email address.
  1. You will then get redirected to your Stripe dashboard.
      If you plan on using Stripe to collect live payments, you will need to activate your Stripe account; however, you do not need a live approved Stripe account to connect to DepositFix; you can still use an unapproved account for testing.

      Click on Activate your account.

  1. At the end of the form, click on Submit Application.

New Stripe accounts will go through an approval process. This process is almost instantaneous in most cases, and most users will accept payments immediately. If more information is needed to complete the approval, Stripe will contact the account owner.


Stripe Test Cards

You can test payments using the following Stripe testing cards.


Cards for Successful Payments

Expiration Date – any future date CVC – any 3 or 4 (AMEX) digits

  • 4242424242424242 – Visa
  • 5555555555554444 – Mastercard
  • 378282246310005 – American Express
  • 6011111111111117 – Discover
  • 30569309025904 – Diners Club
  • 3530111333300000 – JCB

Cards for Failed Payments

  • 4000000000000101 – Failed CVC check
  • 4000000000000119 – Charge is declined with a processing_error code
  • 4000000000000069 – Charge is declined with an expired_card code
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Last updated on August 6, 2021