DepositFix offers integration with PayPal, which allows you to collect payments through DepositFix forms.

Setting up your PayPal account to Accept Payments

To connect PayPal to DepositFix, some additional configurations need to be enabled on your PayPal merchant account first.


On your merchant account, navigate to Account Settings > Payment Preference > Save PayPal and Venmo Payment Methods

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Connecting Your PayPal Account

To connect your PayPal account as a payment gateway, from Settings, go to Payment Gateways and click on + Add New Gateway

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Select PayPal

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In the pop-up, add your email address and follow the steps to connect your account.

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Testing PayPal with DepositFix

When performing test payments in PayPal, make sure that you are using a testing “sandbox” account and using accounts created in your Sandbox environment.

To create testing accounts, in your sandbox dashboard, Go to Testing Tools, then click Create Account.

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Last updated on August 4, 2021