Dynamic (auto-generated) Discount Codes

This feature allows you to create discount codes automatically; this is particularly useful when you want to create unique discount codes and share them with one customer at a time, following a specific purchase, or as part of a campaign.

To start, you will need to create a master discount folder in Depositfix, this will act like a folder that groups subsequent discounts.

Creating the Master template in DepositFix

Create discount codes inside the DepositFix app. From the main dashboard, click on Discounts.


Toggle Dynamic Discounts and set up the name of your discount code and the code prefix (a small prefix that is used in all subsequent discount codes); fill in the rest of the information as you would create a regular discount here.

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Using HubSpot workflows to generate codes

In Hubspot, we create a custom workflow action that allows you to generate discounts; you can fit this custom into your workflows just like you would here.


In your workflow, scroll down to find the Generate Discount, and then select the discount folder (see above) that you'd like to create this sub-discount under.


This will generate a discount code and populate it in the "Generated Discount Code" property, which you can use in your email templates or other workflows.


Now that your code has been created, you can use it to populate email templates and communication with your customers automatically.


In DepositFix, you can see your dynamic master discount folders and see how many are created in each folder either by clicking on the bolt icon next to the discount code or viewing the list of generated discounts inside the master discount folder.

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Last updated on August 4, 2021