Bank Transfers (ACH)

Activate ACH Payments in Stripe

To use Stripe ACH payments on DepositFix forms, you need to enable the feature in Stripe first, as explained here.

Once ACH is enabled, you can start accepting ACH and direct debit payments using DepositFix forms without additional configuration.

Use ACH Payments in DepositFix Forms

ACH payments are a form of electronic bank transaction made using a network called an Automated Clearing House (ACH).


The integration will work as follows:

  1. When a donor chooses to pay with a bank account, they will see a popup to choose a bank name, enter credentials from their bank account and choose a specific checking account
  1. Stripe will initiate a charge from that bank account, and DepositFix will create a HubSpot deal to update the contact with the payment status Pending
  1. An ACH transaction takes 2-5 business days; if the payment is successful, then the Stripe transaction and HubSpot deal and contact will change the status to Succeeded  (or Failed in case of an unsuccessful charge)

ACH payments work the same way as credit cards; the only difference is the Pending state for 2-5 days. But you can use subscriptions, refund, initiate new payments from HubSpot, etc.

Stripe charges 0.8% ($5 max) + DepositFIx fee is $3 (regardless of amount) per 1 ACH transaction. There will be no DepositFix fees during the beta testing.

To enable bank transfers on your form, from the payment gateways section, select Bank Transfers

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