HubSpot Custom Workflow Actions

You can use the custom actions in HubSpot workflows to create charges or subscriptions from the workflow itself. This makes it easier to add follow-up charges, upgrade subscriptions, etc.

On HubSpot

  1. Create a new workflow and add a new action step.
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the list to find DepositFix custom actions, and select your desired action.

Create a Charge

The Create a Charge action is used for single payment charges. This option loads all the currencies dynamically from the DepositFix backend. You can search for any currency in the currency dropdown as well.


To create a charge, fill out the required fields, and click Save.


Add Subscription

The Add subscription action dynamically loads Stripe from your DepositFix backend.

You can search for the right in the plans dropdown as well.


To add a subscription, fill out the required fields and click Save.


Once you select and save your action, you can test and turn on your workflow, and the Custom action will now be executed whenever a contact is enrolled in the workflow.


You can also use the response value with the "values equal branch" feature after you use the create charge/create subscription action in HubSpot. This will allow you to control the results of this action further and decide how the workflow continues based on whether the charge was successful or failed. You can stop the charge, add delay, or add retries accordingly.


More information on how to set up values equal branches here.

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Last updated on August 4, 2021