Can I Send Payment Receipts

Yes, you can send payment receipts and Email notifications through Stripe and HubSpot.

To send payment receipts, you can enable Email Receipts in Stripe, and Stripe will automatically send them after a successful payment, or when you refund one, other emails like submission confirmation, follow-up emails, etc, can be set on HubSpot, using automation and workflows.


In addition to the use of HubSpot's Workflows > Send an email action to send, you can send default payment receipts from Stripe directly by enabling Stripe Email Receipts, and Stripe will automatically send them after a successful payment or when you refund one.

DepositFix integrates directly with Stripe, so you only need to enable it from your Stripe dashboard.

In Stripe, navigate to Business SettingsCustomer emails then check Successful payments.


If you want to send notifications too on refunds, you can check Refunds as well, then Save.

Note that in Stripe test mode, transaction receipts will not be sent automatically. This only works in Live mode. If, for some reason, you need to see the receipt in test mode, you can do it manually.


To send receipts manually

  1. Go to Payments (left sidebar on your Stripe dashboard), then pick any of the payments/charges.
  1. On the next screen, scroll somewhere in the middle to the Receipt history section as shown below.
  1. Simply click on Send receipt.

More information on receipt customization, branding, etc, can be found here.

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