Styling Your DepositFix Forms

Styling HubSpot Fields

You can use the style option in your HubSpot forms to change your HubSpot field styling (i.e label color, font size, etc) more information on styling your HubSpot forms here.


On DepositFix, Open the Advanced Options on your form builder and check Apply original HubSpot form styles to ensure that your styling is passed through to DepositFix.


Once you embed the form on your landing page, it will show the form with all the styling changes you made on the original HubSpot form.


Styling DepositFix Forms

You can change your form styling (i.e. colours, font size, font family, etc.) from the Styling tab in your form builder.


In the form builder, click on the Styling tab.


The Display section is where you can change the main elements for the whole form, font color, font size, background color, etc.

The Labels and Fields section is where you can change the styling for labels and fields specifically.

And the Pay Button section is where you style the pay button/form submissions button.


Styling DepositFix Fields Using CSS

You can use the CSS Style field on your DepositFix form builder to apply more styling to your form.

To use this field, from your form builder, scroll to Advanced Customization >> CSS Styles


This will allow you to apply more CSS to DepositFix fields and the form overall.

It is important always to check the changes in the landing page itself, rather than the preview in the form builder; that way you can see the live changes applied with the rest of page code, and if there's any conflict/inconsistency.

You might encounter an issue with the spacing of the credit card field from your regular HubSpot fields. Add this code to make adjustments.

#df-card-container #stripe-form-block {
        padding-top: 10px;

Styling Stripe Card Fields

Stripe uses their custom objects for styling, so if you want to change the styling for the Stripe credit card field, you need to use Stripe's CSS objects, listed here.



You can change the text colour of the card number by adding this CSS code to your form builder.

{  base:
    {    color: '#ffffff'  }

Frequently Used CSS

Editing the Total Text

You can use these attributes to edit the style of Total Amount text.

#df-card-container .df-final-total  {
    font-size: __px;
    padding-top: __px;
    padding-bottom: __px;
    font-weight: ;
  color: red;

Editing the Pay Now button

You can use these attributes to edit the style of Pay Now button.

#df-card-container #df_buybtn {
        background-color: ____;
        color: _____;
        border-color: _____;
        border-radius: ____px;

For some dynamic mouse hover options, you can use these attributes.

#df-card-container #df_buybtn:hover {
        color: _____;
        border-color: ______ ;
You can also use our Translations Feature to edit the text from your DepositFix fields.

Fully styled form and full code are below for reference.

<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" id="df-script">
        formId: 'dff87839-8633-4a43-b38d-bc669c74e814',
        portalId: '4269803',
        translations: {
          PAY_NOW: 'Submit Payment',
          TOTAL: 'Balance Due'
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Last updated on August 4, 2021