One-click Upsell

With the upsell module, you can offer your customers post-purchase upsell offers after checkout. Customers can buy these upsell products in just one click with no hassle of re-entering the payment details or filling out the form again.

One-click upsells are only available with Stripe payment (single payment, subscription, donation, etc.). If you have PayPal integrated with depositFix, you will need to disable PayPal for the forms that accept one-click upsells.

To add an upsell product:

  1. Click Add Upsell product in the Upsell Products section in your form builder.
  1. Fill in your product information (you can set up Single Payments OR subscription products).
  1. Publish your form; now, once your setup is done, your customers will see a small upsell popup after they submit the form.
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