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DepositFix uses your existing HubSpot forms to create payment forms. Your HubSpot forms remain unchanged - instead, we create a new, separate DepositFix form by combining the original HubSpot form with payment options.
We use the HubSpot part of our form to collect contact information. After submitting the form, we attach any payment information to that contact.

You can learn more about how DepositFix integrates with HubSpot and where the payment information is stored in this video.


From your DepositFix dashboard, go to forms and Click on Create new Form.

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This will open up your DepositFix form builder.

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General Settings

Name This is the name of the DepositFix form you will create. The form you create can be accessed through the DepositFix app by its saved name.

HubSpot Form This will list all the available forms on your HubSpot portal. Choose the one that you are converting and adding the payment fields to.

Currency  This is where you set the currency of the form, select any currency from the dropdown list, and select different currencies for different forms.

Accept discount  This checkbox will add the ability to accept coupons and discount codes to your form.



Select a product from the list of products you created.

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  • Allow to change quantity Allows your customers to choose the quantity of the product they want to purchase
  • Optional product turns your product into an optional add-on product that your customers can buy along with another main product.
  • Add new product Allows you to add more products to your form; this is useful when you want to give customers a list of products to choose from.
If you have multiple products with the same type (e.g. Subscription), they will be grouped into a single list to allow your customer to choose from.
Your customer will be charged for both products if you have different product types (Single Payment + Subscription)


Set a tax amount to be applied to your products.

You can either select a flat tax percentage that applies to all customers or enable automatic sales tax, which calculates tax dynamically based on location.
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Payment Methods

Select one or more payment methods (i.e. Stripe, PayPal, or Card Connect)

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Advanced Customization

This is where you set up some advanced form settings, like adding custom CSS or custom Javascript code.


Apply Original HubSpot form styles Maintains your original HubSpot form styles and matches DepositFix elements to the same style.

JavaScript callback 'onFormLoad'  Adds a Javascript callback that will be triggered after the form is rendered. This is useful to add some custom functionality to the form or change some features dynamically (e.g. changing the price depending on the selected option).

CSS Styles Allows you to add custom CSS styles to your DepositFix form.


Preview Form

This is where you can preview your form, get your embed code, or get your direct form link. 

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Last updated on August 4, 2021